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German Roaches

Did you know German roaches are the most common type of cockroach troubling homes and businesses in America? These tiny pests are on the smaller side, but because their reproductive cycle is so rapid, they can do significant damage when they find their way into your home or business.

As a member of the biting creature family, these unwanted visitors quickly decrease the value and enjoyment of your space and, when left unattended, can wreak havoc on your investment and drive visitors and clients away fast.

Luckily, we specialize in treating and preventing infestations of all types. When you call us, you can rest assured that we’ll get to work quickly eliminating the problem and providing you with preventative solutions that will keep the bugs from finding their way back in.

Our proven techniques are second to none. Reach us at (305) 416-8744 to request a risk-free estimate.

Identifying German Cockroaches

How do you identify German cockroaches? Our experts have undergone significant training to understand the habits, life cycles, and treatments needed to remove vermin species of all types. If you're not sure what kind of roach you're dealing with, our pros are happy to assist with identification.

Typically, you will know it's an adult German cockroach when you notice:

  • A light brown or tanned shade coloring
  • Two dark stripes running nearly parallel down their back
  • A small stature, about half an inch long

A nymph German cockroach appears dark brown or black with near-parallel stripes on its back.

We're always happy to inspect your property to help you identify which critter is causing the problem. We also offer risk-free consultations and value-driven solutions that will help you stop the issue in its tracks and prevent future infestations. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Get Rid of German Cockroaches Quickly

Getting rid of German cockroaches requires a multifaceted approach because of how resilient these critters have become as they have evolved. As such, we take a 3-pronged approach that is proven to be the most effective.

These steps include:

German Roach Treatment

Insecticides are a proven method of German roach treatment. Our fully licensed technicians have undergone significant training in the proper use and application of these chemicals. Your comfort and safety are of paramount importance to us. Allow us to answer any questions you may have during a risk-free consultation. Contact us to set up an appointment.

German Cockroach Bait

German cockroach bait is a great way to reach insects hidden deep within your home or commercial property's walls, ceilings, and floorboards. Since they've arrived hungry and looking for a good meal anyway, we treat them to an irresistible combination that they can't help but love and want to take back home to the rest of their colony.

Preventing German Cockroach Infestation

Preventing future German cockroach infestations requires a careful inspection of your property to determine any potential entry points and food and water sources the roaches are seeking. Allow us to explain the steps you can take in greater detail. Book a consultation with our pros at no obligation on your behalf.

Call a Company that Specializes in German Cockroach Pest Control

I Pest Control delivers affordable German cockroach pest control solutions when you need them. When insects make their way into your private or commercial property, we're only one phone call away.

Dial (305) 416-8744 to get started with a no-obligation consultation.

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