If you've noticed rodent activity in your home or property in Florida, acting quickly and calling a pest control specialist is essential. Rodents like mice and rats can cause severe damage to your building structure, contaminate food sources, spread disease, and reproduce quickly. A qualified mouse and rodent control expert from I Pest Control can help assess the extent of the problem and provide the appropriate treatment to ensure complete rodent control. I Pest Control implements effective solutions tailored to each property using advanced methods such as integrated pest management. In addition, we use environmentally friendly products to eliminate any potential risk of harm to people or animals. We have many years of experience in pest control services and have become a sought-after company in all of Florida. Moreover, our company is certified by numerous organizations, including the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA). Call I Pest Control today for a free inspection and begin the process of achieving a lasting solution for mice and rodents in Florida. Here’s a look at when you MUST call a ‘pest control company near me.’

When You See Signs of Infestation

The most obvious sign that will necessitate you to find an ‘exterminator near me’ is seeing the pests themselves. If you spot mice or rats running around your home, it’s time to call I Pest Control right away. Additionally, if you start hearing scratching noises from the walls or ceilings, this is another sign that you have an issue that needs addressing. Finally, seeing droppings is evidence of nesting material in your home. Mice and rodents often leave behind bits of nesting material, such as shredded paper or fabric, if they’re making a nest somewhere. You should also look for smears or stains along baseboards and other areas where pests travel regularly.

Lawn Pest Control Services

I Pest Control also offers lawn pest control services if you have issues with outdoor pests like mosquitoes, fleas, ants, ticks, earwigs, and more. Suppose you start noticing large numbers of these creatures around your property. In that case, do not to try and tackle the problem yourself. Most DIY solutions are ineffective and potentially dangerous at worst. Instead, it’s best to call in professional help to address the issue quickly and effectively before it gets out of hand.

Contact Us Today!

Pests can be a nuisance, but don’t worry - help is available! I Pest Control has years of experience dealing with mouse and rodent control in Florida. We provide both indoor and outdoor pest control. You can also find the following at our company:
  • Cockroach Control
  • Fleas
  • German Roaches
  • Mosquito Removal
  • Ticks
  • Ant Control
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So if you see any signs of pests on your property, don’t hesitate. Call I Pest Control today!