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Common Pests Services in Miami, FL

In Miami, we provide the following pest services for your home or office:

  • Flea & Tick Pest Control FL

In Florida, some bees, such as blue Calamintha, are scarce and require protection, while some others, such as the widespread bumblebee, help pollinate flowers. Bees may construct nests in the trees or near houses and may sting if they feel threatened. Honey bees and the more aggressive Africanized honey bees may also nest in walls or attics, in addition to trees.

  • Mosquitoes and Best Exterminators for Roaches

Not only can mosquito bites cause itchy welts, but they can also transmit diseases. Some mosquito species can lay up to thirty thousand eggs within a few weeks in small, damp areas. We also provide services to remove roaches from your home and living area.

  • Termites and German Cockroach Control FL

In Miami, three kinds of termites commonly invade homes: Subterranean, Formosan, and dry wood. These pests consume wood and may leave behind evidence of their presence, such as discarded wings, tubes of mud close to the foundation that are the size of pencils, wood with blisters, and droppings resembling pellets.

  • Bed Bugs and Ant Pest Control FL

Bed bugs are small insects that often reside on bedroom furniture and clothing, such as pajamas and sheets. They are most active during the night, when they may bite exposed skin, causing reactions like itching, rashes, and inflammation for some people. The name "bed bug" derives from their tendency to dwell in beds.

  • Rodents

Rats and mice are common household pests that can enter homes through electrical conduits, A/C units, or gaps in door and window frames. These rodents can transmit diseases and can cause damage by gnawing on wood and wiring. If you suspect that you have a rodent problem in your office or home, it's important to contact a pest control professional as soon as possible.

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