Ticks in Coral Gables

I Pest Control can help you safely remove ticks from your property. Ticks are not only a nuisance—they can also spread Lyme disease and other infections to humans and animals, which is why you should take these critters seriously. Tick infestations can start with just a single tick brought into your property, so give us a call at (305) 416-8744 at the first sign of trouble.

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Tick Control Inspections

Before we begin our tick treatment, we want to make sure we understand the scope of the problem. When our pest control experts arrive, they will inspect the inside and outside of your property to get a feel for the size of your tick infestation. Once we understand what we are dealing with, we will be able to determine the best method for removing the ticks.

Let Us Handle Your Tick Extermination

Contacting our company is the quickest and most reliable method of removing ticks from your property. We use effective spraying methods and other treatments to eliminate ticks on contact and prevent them from repopulating. Generally, ticks prefer to be outdoors, but we also offer indoor extermination methods that keep you and your pets safe.

Effective Tick Prevention

Once we are confident that we have eliminated the ticks and their eggs, we will do everything we can to stop them from returning. If necessary, we will schedule follow-up visits to monitor your property and provide additional treatments. Our tick control methods are proven to be safe and effective, so you will never second-guess your decision to hire us.

Tips for Keeping Ticks Out of Your Property

  • Maintain your lawn and landscape
  • Use tick repellent products when outside
  • Treat your pets with tick medication
  • Check your clothing before returning inside

Trusted Tick Control Experts

We have been assisting home and business owners with their tick problems for many years now, which has made I Pest Control a name that is trusted throughout the area. We provide treatments for all tick species found in the United States, so you never have anything to worry about when we are on the job. You should always play it safe when it comes to ticks, so get in touch with us for professional pest control.

Affordable Tick Removal Services

We proudly provide our authoritative pest control services at budget-friendly prices. We aim to provide homeowners and businesses in the area with a reliable option for their tick situation. We believe that nobody should have to struggle with the dangers of a tick infestation, so please reach out to us for a free estimate on the services you need.

Contact Our Tick Control Company Today

You can always rely on us for a prompt and professional response to your tick situation. If you or a pet has received a tick bite, we recommend seeing a doctor right away and then contacting our experts to exterminate the other critters around your property. If you have any questions or require our services, please contact us at (305) 416-8744.