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Ants Pests - iPest Control Inc

Ants are one of the most common insects on the planet. In fact, in terms of weight there are as many ants on earth as people. Meaning if you could weight all the people in the world and all the ants, the weight would be roughly the same. That is a lot of ants! They are also an incredibly old species. Scientists believe that ants began to appear on earth about 130 million years ago. .



Spiders Pests  - iPest Control Inc

Most people’s reactions range from mild disgust and uneasiness to paralyzing fear and panic attacks. However, most spiders are not harmful, and can even be beneficial, as they prey on other pests that would otherwise be running rampant in your home. However, if you have an infestation of spiders, or someone in your family is allergic to spider bites, spider control can become very important.



Cockroaches Pests  - iPest Control Inc

There are few prospects more horrifying than learning that your home is infested by cockroaches. Your skin is probably crawling, just at the thought of it. A single cockroach is one of the most repulsive insects that most people in the Pinecrest area will ever come across – having an infestation of cockroaches in your home can be horrifying, especially since they can be so difficult to remove.



Termites Pests - iPest Control Inc

Wood is great for both construction and decorative purposes. With its rustic feel and rich organic aesthetics, there is little wonder why Pinecrest's home and office owners decide on this more natural look. Unfortunately, using wood has its risks; the more wood you have in your home, the greater the risk of termite infestation. I Pest Control is here to help you save your wood with our termite extermination program.


Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Pests - iPest Control Inc

Because of their high levels of mobility, bed bug infestations are some of the more common pests our clients in Pinecrest ask us to rid them of. Contrary to popular belief, a bed bug infestation doesn't mean that a home or office is "dirty" or unkempt. Bed bugs have been known to get into luggage and be brought from overseas, cling onto pets or clothing, or even come in on used furniture.



Rodents Pests - iPest Control Inc

Rodents are some of the more common unwanted guests found in Pinecrest's homes. Do you hear an incessant scratching at night? Have you found droppings on your premises? Especially in your basement? If so, then you definitely have a rodent infestation. Rodents such as mice, rats and squirrels can cause property damage by gnawing away at walls and furniture and can contaminate food sources.



Bed Bugs Pests - iPest Control Inc

Flea. The siphonaptera (Siphonaptera, gr. Σιφων siphon, "canal, macaroni" and απτερα aptera, "without wings") are an order of small apterous insects, popularly known as fleas. Fleas are external parasitic hematophages of various animals and can effect long jumps in harmony with their bulk, thus being able to naturally obtain new hosts..



Rodents Pests - iPest Control Inc

Ticks The ixodoideos (Ixodoidea) are a superfamily of mites, vulgarly known as ticks. They are hematophagous ectoparasites (they feed on race) and are vectors of numerous infectious diseases, among which are typhoid and Lyme leak...



As opposed to insects, wildlife can pose a more direct danger. Animals that feel threatened may lash out and harm people on the property. Equally concerning, wildlife can carry diseases that are spread through their droppings, urine, as well as bites and scratches. Property damage is another concern; we at I Pest Control hear our clients telling us about wires being chewed away, resulting in electrical damage.


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Nesty / Pest Control Doral

Excelente servicio el que me ha ofrecido esta compañía “IPest Control”. Estoy muy agradecido y contento por su trabajo. Muchas gracias.


Sharp AOB

Great, fast and responsive. These guys do excellent work, and explain the entire process. I will definitely use them again!


Veronica T

Great company! Reliable and quick service! Very knowledgeable crew!! Job was completed above expectations. Thank you guys for your quality work!


abrian martin

I’m very happy with this company I had a flea problem they gave me 2 visits and took care of the problem thank you iPest Control


Barbie Doll

Great service, quality and prices! Always a pleasure dealing with you guys and easy to get a hold of. Thanks for keeping my house pest free especially during the summer months!!!


Jose perez

I know this company for a long time and it’s the best service ever I recommend it,ones you try I pest control you will never call any other company you guys are the best,thanks for all your help


Alberto ONeill

This people are the best. Im glad I found this company very professional and always super friendly people I will recomend to family and friend to use them for any pest problem.


brent zamaro

Great experience with these professionals


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